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Hi Ho Hi Ho its off to London we go!

Hi everyone,

I apologise it has been such a long time since I’ve last posted anything; its been a very difficult time recently and new health problems keep cropping up, it is clear this neuromuscular problem is much more complex than anyone originally thought and honestly I haven’t been coping very well. In short life is hard, you all know that, this life we live is difficult, life is not perfect and as Jesus said, there will be times of hardship. But although I’m not coping very well right now, although life is difficult I know one thing…through this I need to choose to trust in God.

Tomorrow I head off to London for another 2 week inpatient stay in hospital and right now I am in need of prayer; therefore I have created a prayer list and I would be so grateful if any of you reading this could pray for me during my time away.IMG_0067Prayer List:

  • The travelling tomorrow. Travelling to the airport with having big delays around an area near the airport, getting through the airport and flight smoothly and managing through the hustle and bustle of Heathrow on the other side. Also please pray that my pain will be manageable throughout the entire journey, including the 30 minute taxi journey to the guest house. By the end of the journey I usually get very tired and sore, so please pray that this will be as minimal as possible and can be controlled. Furthermore, mum and a friend will be travelling with me, pray for them too, that their energy levels will be kept up and that mum’s foot injury won’t be aggravated by all the walking.
  • Going into hospital at 9am on Monday, honestly I am dreading this hospital stay, please pray that I will remain as positive as possible about this.
  • The usual Monday meeting with my physiotherapist and occupational therapist, pray it is an effective meeting and they have good plans for the two weeks.
  • Meeting my new physiotherapist and that we build a good relationship to work together with honesty and trust.
  • Over the week my pain will be kept as much under control as is possible.
  • That each day a staff member on the ward will be available to get me washed and dressed as I can’t do this myself.
  • Please pray for mum travelling back and forth from the hospital each day and having to get on and off the tube and buses, that she will be safe and the pain in her foot will remain as little as possible.
  • Pray that we will be able to cope with the heatwave in London especially considering the hospital keep the heating on constant all year round. Furthermore, I cannot regulate my own body temperature effectively due to my condition which makes this all the more difficult. Pray we will be able to manage this and the hospital will be kept cool over the next few weeks.
  • That my team will gain knowledge and come up with ideas on how to approach this increasingly complex neuromuscular problem which I have. So far this problem I have is still in research stages by my consultant, please pray that developments will occur soon in order to help me.
  • Please pray I will have the patience to deal with this slow process and that I will gain hope in the midst of this situation which has such little hope.
  • But most importantly please pray that I would put my trust in God rather than humans and human ability. Pray that through the course of my hospital stay I will choose to trust God regardless of the difficulties I may face.

There may be more prayer requests to come over the next few days but as for now I would really appreciate if any of you could pray for me and for the struggles I have spoken specifically about above. Again, I am so grateful for all of you reading my posts and I thank-you for all the support you give to me as I go through this difficult time.IMG_0068God bless,

Carla xxx


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