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Haircut for Cancer

On a whim this week I decided to get my very long hair cut and donate it to ‘The Little Princess Trust,’ a fantastic charity making wigs for children suffering from cancer. Cancer Research UK provide statistics which show that around 30 children each week are diagnosed with cancer and therefore potentially each year alone there are 1,590 children with cancer who are in desperate want of a wig.

I can never possibly imagine how awful it is for a child suffering cancer, in fact not just children, but all those who suffer cancer. I have seen how cancer ruins the lives of both the sufferer and family through a number of people very close to my heart and who I miss dearly. I have witnessed how heartbreaking this monster of a disease is but I can never imagine how it feels. To a child it must be terrifying and understandably many children find the loss of hair very traumatic. Therefore if a simple wig can be given to each child, who may possibly be going through more than some people will ever go through in their entire life, and it puts a smile on their face then it is more than worth it to make 1,590 wigs each year.

Although making a high quantity of wigs each year so that all children have the opportunity of a wig available to them isn’t an easy feat. In the UK there are few charities which makes and supplies wigs and one donation of hair doesn’t even make up one wig, but rather it is mixed with numerous donations of hair to provide just one wig. As you can see there is such importance in donating hair in order to have copious amount of wigs available for these little children as in one year there is no telling how many children there will be who end up having cancer.

Therefore last Tuesday I got 13 inches cut off my hair by the wonderful Suzanne from Chocolate Blonde Hair Salon, for my part in helping this great need of providing wigs to children who are going through so much.

Don’t get me wrong, this post is not for self praise or from anyone else, I didn’t do much I just simply didn’t need all my hair whilst someone else was in desperate need of even just a little bit of hair. The reason I made this post was for awareness, I know everyone knows of cancer but this post is to raise awareness of the trauma a child endures in loosing their hair, but a thing which we can actually help with in lessening their upset through the donation of our hair. If any of you reading this and thinking of donating your hair I urge you to do it, don’t be afraid. I was so nervous at getting my hair cut as I haven’t had short hair in 13 years, thankfully I like my hair short now but hair is only hair and it will grow back. Personally I think loosing a bit of hair to put a smile on a child’s face is invaluable.

For more information on how ‘The Little Princess Trust’ was set up and details of donating hair or fundraising you can follow the link below:

Here are a few pictures of the big hair cut: 




IMG_5069 (1)



God Bless,



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