An Update

Hi everyone,

I wasn’t sure whether to update or not because honesty I don’t have a lot to say. All I can say right now is, I need God’s strength, I need you to pray for me.

Last week I dislocated a rib, which is still hurting a lot. This week I found out that despite being on the emergency list for London I will not be going over to start treatment until the end of this year/start of next year. Never did I think I would be in this sitaution or have a dislocated shoulder for so long. Never did I think I would be in so much pain, feel so weak and struggling so much. But I am. I desperately need the strength to get through all of this right now, I’m fed up and the truth is, having Ehlers-Danlos syndrome is horrible. In fact I don’t even have a word to describe how much I hate this illness or how life-changing it has been.

I pray that things change soon, I need God to carry me through this right now. This is no quality of life for any person to have, but right now I don’t really have a choice but to pray for change.

With love,

Carla xxx


2 thoughts on “An Update

  1. Thank you for the update. Helps me to know how to pray although to be honest I can only rely upon the Holy Spirit to convey to the Father my heart as words cannot begin to know how to pray for you. I can’t even imagine how you cope except by His power and the hope that is found in Him. I pray for you strength, hope, that God would be glorified through you and for healing. I know God is able to heal you and I ask His will to be done. I feel as if I’m rambling. I just know that God is able and our only hope is in Him. Hold on to that my friend and know you are loved and prayed for.

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  2. Sharon, thank-you for another lovely message, I truly appreciate your constant kindness and encouragement you give to me through your messages. I’m holding on, but if I’m honest it’s extremely difficult, things just continue to go wrong. But thankfully God has a plan and I know I can trust in Him. I hope you are keeping well! God Bless! Carla x


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