So on Saturday we began to record our CD. We headed off in the afternoon feeling nervous and excited all at the same time but thankfully God quashed our fears and filled us with his peace, we knew that this recording was no different from anything else, we simply wanted to worship God.

We started by having a time of prayer in the car before going in to record and boy did God answer our prayers! Naomi had the cold and was worried about being able to play and sing, however our faithful God truly does work in wonderful ways and despite everything and we managed to record over 15 songs, even playing/singing for 50 minutes straight without a break; God truly gave us the strength to carry on.

Unfortunately the recording ended short, we had almost finished and again my body let me down and due to my chronic illness, I had a seizure and hurt my already dislocated shoulder; all of which landed me back in hospital. However, thankfully I am fine now apart from a some pain, tiredness, bumps and bruises.

As a group, we are all feeling extremely blessed at this amazing opportunity to serve and worship God through the musical gifts He has given to us. My singing, Naomi and Andrew’s playing is not our own, we have been given gifts by God and we don’t want to neglect the gifts we have been blessed with. Our hearts desire is to glorify God through this CD.

“Do not neglect the gift you have…Practice these things, immerse yourself in them, so that all may see your progress.” 1 Timothy 4:14-15. 

Overall our day was fun, there was lots of laughing, music and countless cups of tea and hot blackcurrant juice which worked wonders for our voices. Unfortunately recording is not finished, however we hope we will be back to finish it in the near future. All of us would like to thank-you for your support and prayers for us as we work on this CD and we would really appreciate it if you could keep us in your prayers over the next few weeks as things get busy trying to balance university and recording.

Our hearts are full of thankfulness right now and each new day we are continually amazed at how God is working on our lives and leading us into this new venture, all to worship, serve and glorify our Heavenly Father.

“He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge; His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.” Psalm 91:4.

With love,

Carla xxx

(Below I’ve added a few pictures from our day, somehow Naomi managed to skip some of the photos, but I’ll get her next time!!! haha.)


4 thoughts on “Recording!!

  1. Well done Carla and friends! You should be so incredibly proud of yourself, despite all of the odds being stacked against you, you don’t let them hold you back and still go on to spread the word of god!! I have so much respect for you- you don’t realise how amazing you are!! Im glad you’re feeling a bit better… Sorry it ended the way it did but you still did amazingly!!

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  2. Wow I am so impressed that you are able to do all those amazing things! I too am a believer in Jesus Christ 🙂 Do you belong to any church in particular?


    1. Thank-you, through Christ all things are possible, regardless of my own circumstances Jesus can make anything possible! 🙂 Yes I go to a Presbyterian Church, but to me it doesn’t really matter about that specifically, we are all brother and sisters in Christ and together we are the Church body. The people are the Church! Thank-you for reading my blog, I really appreciate that.

      God Bless



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