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Prayer Request

Hey everyone!

This is just a quick post to ask if you could all pray from my mum and entire family over the next few days and weeks. Today mum went in to hospital to have surgery, I would really appreciate it if you could pray for her as she has her operation and recovers. Not only this but if you could pray for the rest of my family, mum is my primary carer and it’s going to be extremely difficult for a little while when she is recovering as to who is going to care for me as mum usually does everything for me, from helping me get washed and dressed to lifting me. Our family will get through this, we have God by our sides, but I would really appreciate if you could all pray for my mummy and that this operation won’t cause her too much pain.

‘O Lord my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.” Psalm 30:2.  

Thanks guys, hope you all have a lovely weekend! 🙂 

With love,

Carla xxx


4 thoughts on “Prayer Request

  1. Morning Carla. Hope your mum got through surgery without any problems. I pray she recovers quickly. Will be back from holidays next Sunday. Take care and love to all.x


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